About the Project

The Highground complex, totaling approximately 155 acres, is located in central Wisconsin. It has served Veterans and their families for more than 35 years. The beautiful grounds are continually maintained by a crew of nearly 200 volunteers. The number of annual visitors is 225,000 and that number continues to grow. Some 7,000 of those annual visitors are Veterans, many of whom become recipients of personalized support services as they visit, tour and come to know The Highground.

The expansion of The Highground will take the organization to the next level. Improved services and facilities for Veterans and their families will provide the following:

  • Increased financial stability and long-term sustainability with the pay-off of the $450,000 mortgage
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring access to the entire park and all memorial sites for disabled Veterans and visitors
  • A new 12,000 square-foot Welcome and Visitor Center, with space for larger events, meetings, and programs, as well as mental health services
  • Improved parking, allowing for safer access to memorials and the Welcome and Visitor Center

Expanding The Highground For Generations

The Highground Veterans Park Includes:

  • More than 15 easily-accessible Tributes
  • Pavilions, picnic tables and four miles of scenic walking trails
  • Honor Stones throughout the Park that honor Veterans’ service including Korean Stones, Legacy Stones, Persian Gulf Stones, Military Working Dog Stones, United In Service Stones and Meditation Stones
  • A Museum containing over 4,000 books, a gallery for exhibits, and media and meeting rooms

Support, Educate and Help Restore

The Highground’s Vision:

  • Offers an opportunity to honor Veterans by educating large tour and school groups
  • Connects Veterans to essential health services and providers
  • Provides a Veteran-focused gathering space for events and holiday services
  • Offers customized Veterans retreats

Going Above and Beyond

The stories of Veterans are etched in minds and hearts—some to remain hidden forever. These are stories about heroes and heartache, honor and healing; but most of all, the stories are about HOPE. Over the last 35 years, The Highground has worked to honor Veterans, remember those who have died in service to our country, educate the next generation about the importance of Veteran sacrifice and create new ways to help returning service personnel heal and become whole again.

The Time is Now

Today The Highground is the largest privately funded, continually-staffed Veterans memorial in the country. But the interest in The Highground is outweighing the organization’s ability to respond to the demand for space and services. That is why The Highground Board of Directors is seeking $4M through The Highground Rising capital campaign. Campaign proceeds will pay off the $450,000 mortgage, build a new $2.5M Welcome and Visitor Center, provide $500,000 to increase accessibility and park safety, and develop formal mental health and therapy or referral services.

Educating the Public About the Importance of Veterans

The new multi-purpose Welcome and Visitors Center will allow for larger tours and school groups. The Center will also provide an updated reading and viewing area containing the library and the archival collection of wartime literature. The benefit of these improvements will be realized through and enjoyed by a better informed and aware public.

Economic Asset to the Region and Wisconsin

The economic impact of The Highground is considerable, currently standing at $12 million, and sure to increase annually with the proposed expansion. They are an invaluable asset to the region, contributing to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues and income in the greater Neillsville area, as well as lodging, restaurants, and transportation in the wider community.

Opening Our Doors to New Friends and Donors

Approaching individuals, businesses, foundations, and corporations during this campaign will result in new additions to the donor pool of The Highground. These new donors, along with our current donors, will help spread the word and ignite passion for the mission of The Highground, thus encouraging others to join in supporting these efforts.