We officially broke ground on the new building in early December 2023,
but we need your ongoing support to continue the mission.

Today The Highground is the largest privately funded, continually-staffed Veterans memorial in the country. But the interest in The Highground is outweighing the organization’s ability to respond to the demand for space and services. That is why The Highground Board of Directors is seeking $4M through The Highground Rising capital campaign. Campaign proceeds will pay off the $450,000 mortgage, build a new $2.5M Welcome and Visitor Center, provide $500,000 to increase accessibility and park safety, and develop formal mental health and therapy or referral services.

Educating the Public About Our Mission

The new, versatile Welcome and Visitor Center will create space for larger events, allow us to hold events during inclement weather and provide us with the opportunity to offer greater educational offerings, mental health services and more. The benefit of these improvements will be realized and appreciated through a more informed and aware public.

Economic Asset to the Region and Wisconsin

The economic impact of The Highground is considerable, currently standing at $12 million, and sure to increase annually with the proposed expansion. They are an invaluable asset to the region, contributing to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues and income in the greater Neillsville area, as well as lodging, restaurants and transportation in the wider community.

Opening Our Doors to New Friends and Donors

Approaching individuals, businesses, foundations, and corporations during this campaign will result in new additions to the donor pool of The Highground. These new donors, along with our current donors, will help spread the word and ignite passion for the mission of The Highground, thus encouraging others to join in supporting these efforts.

Expanding The Highground For Generations

The Highground Veterans Park Expansion Includes:

Primary Strategic Campaign Goals

The expansion of The Highground will take the organization to the next level. Improved services and facilities for Veterans, their families and the community will provide the following:

  • A new 6,000 square-foot Welcome and Visitor Center with space for larger events, events during poor weather, greater educational opportunities, meetings and programs as well as mental health services.
  • Increased financial stability and long-term sustainability with the pay-off of the $450,000 mortgage.
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring access to the entire park and all memorial sites for disabled Veterans and visitors.
  • Improved parking, allowing for safer access to memorials and the Welcome and Visitor Center.

Executive Summary

A Building Committee comprised of Board of Directors members and volunteers was convened to manage the details for the expansion project. The group identified the new building placement on the site and program requirements. Concepts solidified into a building design the group was confident would provide The Highground with its expansion goals and objectives. Photorealistic renderings were created to understand the relationship of the new building with existing structures and memorials. Vehicle and pedestrian circulation will be improved and new amenities within the building will be incorporated to aid the organization in fulfilling its important mission to Veterans and Veteran stakeholders.

To secure philanthropic success, a regional, state, and national focus is underway. Stakeholders and volunteers will be mobilized to help secure funds for the project, as well as raise awareness of the long-term financial support required for the organization.